Oyster fisherman
Coastal Corrosion
As we pump carbon pollution into the air, our oceans are absorbing it—and acidifying faster than they have in 300 million years. That’s terrible for scallops, clams, and oysters, and could devastate the $1 billion-a-year shellfish industry—and the coastal communities that rely on it. Learn More

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President Obama signing veto
President Obama Vetoed Keystone XL. Hope He’s Warming Up His Pen Hand to Stop More Bad Bills.
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Curbing Fertilizer Pollution Could Go a Long Way to Breathing Life Back into the Gulf.
Traffic Intersections Are Cesspools of Air Pollution.
Wolverine in Bitterroot National Forest
For Wolverine Research, It’s All about Getting a Belly Shot of these Reclusive Scavengers.
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  Rhea Suh
Vetoing Keystone XL Is Just the Beginning
– Rhea Suh –

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Aliya Haq

Aliya Haq
Director, Climate Change Special Projects

Dr. Evil and Polluters Exposed in Attacks on Clean Power Plan
Andrew Wetzler

Andrew Wetzler
Director, Land and Wildlife Program

President Obama Wants to Cut Funding for Agency that Kills Wildlife
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USA Today
Kill Keystone XL Once and for All

Washington Post
U.S. Shellfish Industry Threatened as Oceans become More Acidic

Southern California Public Radio
Filthy Apparel Industry Needs a Green Makeover

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Reject Keystone XL! Tell President Obama to stop the dirty tar sands pipeline for good.