Coral at Jarvis Island National Wildlife Refuge
The Change We Make Together
Did you hear that New York State banned fracking this week? That’s just one way NRDC and its supporters broke new ground this year in the fight for our communities and our wild heritage. From protecting the health of millions through food-safety regulations to defending endangered sea life to devising a breakthrough plan for limiting carbon pollution, we advanced potent solutions to the most complex challenges of our time. Learn More

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President Obama Protects Bristol Bay from Oil and Gas Drilling.
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The Lima Climate Deal Created a Framework. Filling in the Blanks Will Determine Our Future.
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From our Next President
Standing Up with Those Who Stand for Justice
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Miriam Rotkin-Ellman

Miriam Rotkin-Ellman

Studies Find Unsafe Air Pollution Levels Near Fracking Sites
Mae Wu

Mae Wu
Project Attorney

The Safe Drinking Water Act at 40: What’s Next?
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USA Today
New York Announces Fracking Ban

National Journal
#BlackLivesMatter: Environmental Groups Show Solidarity

Cheap Oil Could Help Kill Keystone XL

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